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as well as our brand creation story.
Here we are delighted to
introduce you to Hoopstery’ leading artist and mastermind Ksenia,

Kseniia Matiakubova

This story started several years ago when Ksenia took a leap of faith and moved from her small foreign town to the US. She was dazzled that many locals here were dedicated to basketball. Previously, she had not even supposed that people could be so passionate about any sports, and embarked on her pathway in the basketball world.
This is where it gets really exciting. Ksenia took up the basketball culture, became a genuine fan, and moved next to the FTX basketball arena in Miami.
Ksenia was genuinely struggling to find something fancy, swank, exclusive and connected to this upscale sport, but there was nothing good enough on the market. So she came up with the idea of developing extraordinary customized hoops.
After all, as the famous French dramatist Charles-Guillaume Etienne wrote:
Now, the new apartment must reflect true fan’s personality!
do it yourself»
«If you want something
done right,
Inspired by this idea,
Ksenia designed her first rim for her new apartment and all her guests were eager to purchase one for themselves. From then on, our artist grasped that such design solution was greatly sought after. The next hoop was developed for her best friend. And after a while, Ksenia established an entire Hoopstery production for many people, committing their life to basketball! And this was just the beginning.
itself on being a breath of fresh air
Currently, Hoopstery has prided
within the modern design interior.
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