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In basketball, such important values of American society as equality
of chances for success, achievement of results, desire to be the first one, competition, healthy lifestyle are most clearly manifested.


and values
Kseniia Matiakubova
Artist and
our mastermind
This story started several years ago when Ksenia took a leap of faith and moved from her small foreign town to the US.
We are all convinced that sport helps to develop faith in one's strengths and capabilities, as well as the ability to use them.
Our unique hoops will remind you of these fundamental values every day and inspire you to succeed.
Each of our hoops has its own unique QR code, by which you can read all the detailed information about the hoop.
Do you want to feel like a basketball star outside of the court and reflect your love to this game in your home interior style? But can't you find suitable items that will emphasize your individuality?
Our big team has developed
An amazing solution for your interior that will suit everyone.
With our customized design you will find your reflection in a unique basketball hoop. Each of our hoops conveys the owner's personal story with its bright explosive style and will become your hallmark and distinctive feature. Our passion is to make each of our customers satisfied. We aim to help basketball fans express themselves and reflect their style in their home.