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Hoop the art

Show off your love to basketball with
our customized hoop and express your personality outside of the basketball court
Lil Pump
Materials: Large wooden frame, custom faux leather, Chrome Hearts custom design, solid steel rim, solid steel chains
At the end of January, 2023 we visited Hialeah Middle Community School and were pleased to do the same for them. We are planning to continue to give back and will update you along the way!
Miami Schools Donation Program - December 25, 2022
In 2022 we decided to give back to Miami Dade Community and invest into its bright future. Before Christmas we visited Norland Middle School in North Miami and updated their basketball balls for both, girls and boys, teams.

Absolute excellence in details. Possible?
Our luxury basketball hoops are fully handmade by talented professionals with attention to every step
Royal oak
Our values
Our unique hoops will remind you of these fundamental values every day and inspire you to succeed.
We all are convinced that sports help develop faith in one’s capabilities and strength, as well as ability to use it.

Each of our hoops has its own unique QR code, by which you can read all the detailed information about the hoop.
and no one else will have such a piece of furniture.
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a hoop for any of your
We will create
Custom Hoop
Our hoops are unique and never repeat. For each client and any interior we can make a hoop that satisfies all wishes. You can choose any color, material, design, size and whatever you want! We can realize absolutely any of your ideas!