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This hoop, handmade by using hand-crafted natural wood and faux leather, will elegantly convey your refined taste and passion for the basketball court, while Swarovski crystals add luxury to your interior.

Black orchid

Production located in the USA
Materials: Natural wood frame, faux leather inclusion, Swarovski crystals, steel hoop, steel net / crystal net
Size: 96 х 70 х 49
Hoop weight: 22lbs
Cost: $4,950
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Custom Hoop
Our hoops are unique and never repeat. For each client and any interior we can make a hoop that satisfies all wishes. You can choose any color, material, design, size and whatever you want! We can realize absolutely any of your ideas!
Natural materials
Our uniqueness reflects in our own production and handmade craft, individual customized design and approach, so we create for you the one and only unique hoop that only you will have. We provide high quality natural premium materials, accurate delivery, high speed of creation and development of an individual hoop only in 6-8 weeks!
Own production
Individual customized design and approach
Accurate delivery
High speed of creation and development
All handmade craft
Manual installation in Miami
High quality premium materials
Our values
Our unique hoops will remind you of these fundamental values every day and inspire you to succeed.
We all are convinced that sports help develop faith in one’s capabilities and strength, as well as ability to use it.
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